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Hi, we are Patrick and Fabian and we are the creators of dawawas. Once upon a time we founded a social network you might have heard of: wer-kennt-wen.de.

The idea to create dawawas originated from our personal need for an easy and private photo sharing solution. During a ski trip with friends we faced a common problem: There were many people, many cameras and even more pictures taken. Of course, there were plenty of possibilities back then to swap photos, such as sending Emails with massive attachments and exchanging memory cards. Burning the pictures on DVDs or uploading them somewhere on the Web were also fabulous solutions. However, you could never be sure whether only the right people would see the pictures online. And since it is generally known that choice paralyzes, many times no pictures at all were exchanged. We didn't really like any of the solutions above.

That's why we set our goal on creating an online service, where you can upload, share, view, and comment photos in private, just with family and friends. It was also important to us that you can decide who can see your pictures. dawawas should become the modern day version of a physical photo album, a place where you store your precious memories and only allow access to the people who should see it.

After working on various prototypes last summer, we finally founded dawawas with our team.

By the way, dawawas is not only useful for your vacation pictures, but also for weddings, children's pictures, and parties - or simply put: Any time you want to share your pictures with someone.

Have a great time using dawawas!

Patrick und Fabian
Fabian und Patrick

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